Stretch Marks

Inkless Stretch Mark Revision

Stretch marks most likely develop by sudden growth spurts, pregnancy, rapid weight loss/gain, or by weight training when there is rapid muscle growth. Although there are several treatment options for stretch marks (home remedies, topical prescribed creams), these sometimes aren’t effective on mature stretch marks or it can take up to 24 weeks with topical prescribed creams to see any improvement, where skin needling can offer significant results in a fraction of the time.

Skin needling, a paramedical method, offers a more aggressive approach than the commonly used “micro needling”. Skin needling is a process of using sterile needles with a tattoo machine which deliberately creates injury to the subject skin. We use the process of skin needling to stimulate a natural healing response AND a serum is introduced to further enhance the body’s production response. 

We typically see three-year-old stretch marks healed after the second treatment.

Our Restorative Work

What to Expect

  • After paperwork is completed, we will discuss the plan of action to gain your desired outcome.
  • Service provider will take BEFORE photos/videos
  • With ink-less stretchmark revision, we do not want the blood vessels to constrict. We want blood production to the subject area as it helps regenerate new cell/skin growth.
  • Therefore, we apply non-epinephrine spray to the area which helps keep you comfortable during the procedure.
  • After we’re done with the procedure you will be red and possibly have what looks like bruising; this is completely normal. Remember we are purposely creating trauma to the area to cause the body’s natural healing response to do its job. This will subside within the first week or so.
  • We will clean up the area and apply gauze to protect your clothing.
  • The best healing is to allow the air to get to the area and not cover it up whenever possible.
  • Service provider will take AFTER photos/videos.
  • Lastly, we’ll schedule your follow up session in 6-8 weeks.
  • Note: Stretch mark revisions are typically a long process with multiple visits. This is a process that requires patience. Although there are common results, no one patient is the same and results can, and absolutely do vary from patient to patient.

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