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Pool Perfection with Permanent Makeup

In the hottest months of the year, you may be spending your free time at the pool or on the water. While cooling off in the water feels fantastic, it can be difficult to maintain your best look when you are soaking wet. One of the many benefits of permanent makeup is how great you will look when you jump in the pool this summer.

No Dripping Mascara with Cosmetic Eye Tattoos

Even with waterproof mascara, it can be difficult to enhance your eyes with makeup when you are enjoying time in the water. Permanent makeup for enhancing the eyes is a wonderful investment for looking your best in the water. Both eyelash enhancement and permanent eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger and more defined without any worries about dripping or smeared mascara or eyeliner.

Beautiful Brows with Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

Many people use eyebrow pencils to create the desired eyebrow fullness and shape, but water will quickly dissipate your cosmetic artwork. For eyebrows that look natural and will stay in place for up to three years, consider semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. Sara Justice is a true artist when it comes to creating natural-appearing eyebrows with her advanced techniques of shading and strokes. You can enjoy the confidence of knowing your eyebrows will look perfect, regardless of how many times you jump in and out of the water.

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