3D Nipple Areola Breast Tattoo

Erika Nicholson, a highly sought after Paramedical Tattoo Artist in Atlanta, works with top plastic surgeons creating realistic breast tattooing for patients after reconstructive surgery.

If the surgeon is unable to save or build a nipple mound, we create and optical illusion giving a 3D Nipple and Areola on completely flat skin! These remarkable results allow patients to look and feel whole again.

In the event the surgeon is able to build a nipple mound or save the nipple tissue, we add color and dimension to the nipple mound and create the areola including Montgomery glands, and constriction wrinkles bringing the ‘breast to life’.


Breast Color Enhancement

For individuals seeking to improve the look of the their natural nipples and areoles, we enhance their breasts by altering color, adding symmetry and dimension. This service is available for any individual whether or not they have undergone surgery.